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Chapter 1: Remembering the Divine

The enlightened mystic has no such function. No one has ever been able to convey understanding through the intellect. An enlightened person tickles your heart, he awakens your feelings. He says: “Come and dance with me! Sing with me! Abandon all logic and thought - come, immerse yourself with me in this juice, perhaps you will be touched by the same thing that has touched me. And there is no reason why not. I am a sinner just like you, I am a human being just like you. I have made mistakes as you have. I have the same limitations as you. I am in no way different from you, I am in no way more special than you are. You are the same as I am. Perhaps the divine came into me because my doors were open - and your doors are shut, so he is unable to come in. Just become like me! Look! When I dance, my doors open. You can also open your doors. If you taste it once, you will find this out too.”

It is not the purpose of the mystic to explain: he makes you taste. It is not the function of the mystic to make your intellect agree with his: he wants to color your feelings. This is a completely different process. It as if he is drunk - thoroughly intoxicated and dancing with unrestrained ecstasy - while you are sitting dry, devoid of all juices, like a desert. An oasis has never happened in the desert of your life, so what can he do? Can he dance, and hope you will see his dance? Can he ask you to look into his eyes, to see his ecstasy - the ecstasy which is a part of his life and can be a part of yours? Can he say, “I am swaying in bliss, why can’t you also sway in bliss?”

Understand this difference. A pundit explains the existence of God; a mystic explains the existence of ecstasy. And when you are ecstatic, you begin to see God. A pundit explains that if you believe in God, you can be ecstatic. But how to believe in God? Who does not want to believe in the divine and who does not want to be ecstatic? But this is a very strange condition - that first you believe in God and then ecstasy will come. And this is where the obstacle arises. How can you accept God? How can you believe in what you cannot see? How can you believe in what you have not known? How can you believe in what you have never tasted? So there is a falseness in the way that those who do believe in God, believe.

The earth is full of believers - false believers. They believe because of their greed - thinking that believing will bring them bliss. So far, this hasn’t happened. Many lifetimes have passed. They have worshipped in temples, they have placed offerings of flowers on stones, they have made pilgrimages, they have visited Kaaba and Kashi - they have been through the whole complicated business, but there is still something basically wrong in it. Their belief is false. True belief is a product of your experience, it cannot precede it. You are approaching things the wrong way around. You are tying the bullock behind the bullock cart. Right now, you are dragging the cart, but it doesn’t move, the journey doesn’t happen and you are upset. Your pundits have told you that you should believe first and then you will know the divine. This is the wrong way around. When you know, then belief comes.

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