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Chapter 3: The Real Ecstasy

And straight from the supper table I am here for any interview. Sometimes there is one interview, sometimes two, sometimes three. Now today your interview is one hour; then at 8:30 there is a big press conference that will last at least two hours.

Then one hour for my secretary, for day-to-day problems about the commune. Near about twelve I go to sleep. And the day goes so fast.

What kind of dreams do you have?

I don’t dream, because whatever I want to do, I do it. I have never repressed anything in my life, and there is nothing to dream about. The dream is a necessity only if you repress something.

Do you keep in touch with events going on in the outside world?

No. No, for five years I have not read any newspaper, any magazine, any radio, any television. My sannyasins are my only world.

I’m curious to know what you eat. Do you keep a strict vegetarian diet?

Absolutely vegetarian. And just three thousand calories in the whole day.

How is your health?

My health is better than ever.

I’ve read that between the years of 1947 and 1957, I believe, when you were living in India, you made it a practice to run 16 miles every day. Is that true?

That’s true.

What was your reason for doing this and why did you stop?

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