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Chapter 15: The Smokeless Flame

The barkeeper can’t believe his eyes. “What the hell,” he says, “is going on here?”

A man who has been sitting on a bar stool and seen the whole thing, says with a shrug of his shoulders, “Don’t worry, I know that guy. It’s always the same thing with him - comes and goes without even saying hello.”

There are millions of people who are living like this. Miracles are happening all around but they can’t see anything, they are blind with their knowledge.

Drop your knowledge. Knowledge is worthless, wonder is precious. Regain the wonder that you had when you were a child - and the kingdom of God belongs only to those who are able to become children again.

The last question:

I am in a jam. I love three women. This is hell, and this has been going on for three months. Now what to do?

You must be something of a man! One woman is enough. You need legal protection. But if you have tolerated it patiently for three months, wait a little more. Time settles everything. And women are always more perceptive than men - if you cannot do anything, they are bound to do something.

John and Mary began making love in a railway cutting. As their lovemaking progressed, they rolled down onto the railway tracks in the path of the oncoming express.

The driver, seeing the two bodies ahead on the line, halted the train just in time. Now, delaying the train is a serious offense, and at the trial the judge demanded an explanation.

“Now look, John,” he said, “I am a man of the world and I can understand you and your girlfriend having a little fun. But why didn’t you get out of the way of the train?”

“Well, it’s like this, Your Honor,” said John. “I was coming, the train was coming and Mary was coming, and I thought that whoever could stop would stop!”

Enough for today.