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Chapter 4: Right Now

If you feel guilty, try to see why you are feeling guilty. Yes, man is helpless - right. And man is ignorant - that is right, too. In his ignorance he has done many things which were not as they should be - that too is right. Accept this helplessness, this ignorance, and pray and let your tears come down. Confess, repent, say to God, “I was helpless, and I was ignorant, and I could not do better - and I still cannot do better, unless you help. As I am, I will again go wrong. As I am, I will again betray you. I cannot rely on myself. Help me. Only your grace can save me.”

That’s what Jesus’ whole teaching is: ask for God’s grace, don’t believe in yourself - because that very belief has been your whole undoing.

No, he never created guilt in anybody. He tried to free people from guilt.

The last question but one:


Now. And there is no “how” to it.

And the last question:

Osho! Osho! Osho!!!

That is the way! If you can cry, if you can pray, if you can call from your very innermost core, the divine is always available. The divine is always close. It is just that you have not called, just that you have not knocked at his door. Jesus says, “Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. Ask, and it shall be given..”

Enough for today.