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Chapter 9: Only in Silence

Mind goes on giving you ideas about the reality, but those are the mind’s ideas and mind is utterly idiotic. To believe in your own mind is the most foolish thing in the world one can do, but because you want to believe in your own importance you go on believing in your own mind. And the mind is very clever at arguing its case. Even if it doesn’t argue.because you want to believe that you are someone special, extraordinary, superior, holier. The mind knows your weaknesses..

Just the other day I was reading a statement of Idi Amin’s. He says he is the most beautiful man in the world. Just think of Idi Amin’s face. But he says, “Because the journalists are against me, they print my pictures as if I am a monkey.”

The person who was interviewing him asked, “On what grounds do you say that you are the most beautiful man in the world?”

He said, “My mother says so, my wife says so, and my other wives also” - because he has many wives - “my girlfriends say so, that ‘I am the most beautiful man in the world’, and why should they be lying?”

You see the argument! Every mother says to her child, “You are the most beautiful person” - and every wife and every husband and every friend. But if you want to believe.and we want to believe! Now, even Idi Amin can believe that he is the most beautiful man in the world, then can be believed in.

And I agree with him that he does not look like a monkey. He looks like a gorilla. Or even worse.because in the same statement he says that he has tasted human flesh. And he can say with authority that it is the most delicious thing he has ever tasted. The deliciousness of human flesh is such, he says, that to express is impossible. It is inexpressible experience. Now this man thinks himself to be the most beautiful man in the world. But everybody thinks so. Don’t laugh at Idi Amin: that is everybody’s mind. He is foolish enough to make such statements. People don’t make such statements, but deep down they know..

A certain rich American lady was visiting an Indian guru who accounted himself as the greatest of all. He had been told in advance that she was thinking of making a very large donation to his work.

When the time came for the guru to appear at his darshan - reception time - he saw this visitor in the crowd which had come to pay respects.

“Yes?” he said to her at once.

“Who is the greatest man in the world?” she asked.

“Coca-cola,” answered the guru without a moment’s hesitation.

Afterwards his chief assistant asked him why he had given such a strange answer. “What secret wisdom is this, oh great master?”

“Well,” said the mahatma, “I, of course, knew that the greatest man in the world is me. But when I saw from the inscription on her T-shirt that she respected someone else, I said to myself, ‘Business is business! After all, he’s probably dead, so there’s no harm in honoring him!’”

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