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Chapter 24: Doubt to the Very End

Or a man? You are a man?

I am just an ordinary man.

But you are enlightened.

That is not much of a difference. It is just a difference between closed eyes and open eyes.

You believe in polygamy, but you are afraid of over-population. You believe in free sex, and you are afraid of AIDS. How can you propagate polygamy and free sex without protecting your followers from AIDS?

I am protecting them already; there is no question of how. First, I am not in favor of polygamy as against monogamy. I am in favor of dissolving the very institution of marriage. It is the ugliest institution that has happened to man. With marriage dissolved, there is no question of monogamy or polygamy. People are free: if they want to be together they are together, if they don’t want to be together, that is their decision. And children should be taken care of by the commune. Children should not belong to families but to the commune. And I am taking perfect care of my people. In four years not a single child has been born in this commune.

We know that you are living a rather rich life. But do you think that life is worth living for the poor?

Those who are poor are themselves responsible for their poverty. They have believed in idiotic religious ideologies which have made them remain poor.

And you don’t want to help them?

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