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Chapter 7: The Pulse of the Universe

We can start with Plato. He is at the very foundation of the modern mind. With him division starts very clearly and logically. It must have existed before him but it was never propounded so logically, it was never before supported by a genius like Plato. And since then, for these two thousand years, the division has been believed in. And if you believe a certain thing for two thousand years it becomes a reality. A belief tends to turn to reality; a belief hypnotizes; and by and by functions almost as if it is there.

Plato claimed that human behavior flows from three main sources: knowledge, emotion and desire. That is the first indication of the clear-cut division in man. Man is divided into three: knowledge, emotion, desire. Knowledge has its source in the head, emotion in the heart, and desire in the loins - head, heart and the genitals, these are the three divisions. Of course, head is the highest, heart is in the middle and the genitals are the lowest. The man who lives through the genitals is the lowest man; in India we call him the sudra, the untouchable. And the man who lives through the head is the highest man; in India we call him the brahmin. And everybody else is just in-between these two - different degrees of emotionality.

These three divisions are not just a belief. They have penetrated so deeply into human consciousness that now human consciousness exists as three. You are divided, you are no longer one; you are three, you have become a trinity. You have three faces. One is the sexual face, which is very private and which you keep in the dark. The second is the emotional face which is not so private but is still very private - only rarely do you exhibit it. If somebody has died and you cry and weep then it is okay. But ordinarily you don’t cry and weep, or you have left it to women because they are not such high creatures as man.

Male chauvinism is everywhere. The woman is not accepted as a brahmin, many religions have denied her - have said that she will not be able to enter the kingdom of God as a woman. She will first have to be born as a man, only then does she become credible. Only a man enters the paradise. A woman is a lower creature. She has only two centers, the sexual and the emotional - she has no head, she has no brain, she has no intellect. So, of course, she is allowed to cry and weep and laugh and show emotions and be sentimental. Man very rarely, in rare situations, allows his emotions to show.

Sex is absolutely private; emotions are half private and half public; intellect is absolutely public. That is the thing which you go on showing everywhere, which you exhibit. Reason, logic, knowledge - that is the thing.

After two thousand years Sigmund Freud again repeated the same division - very strange bed-fellows, Plato and Freud. But somehow man has accepted the divisions so deeply that it has become unconscious. Freud also says that reason is the king, emotion the queen and sex the servant, and, of course, long live the king! Destroy sexuality, destroy emotion and bring your whole energy towards the head. Remain hung-up in the head.

But without sex, all joy disappears and without emotion all softness, sensitivity, disappears. With reason you become a dry desert land, a wasteland. Nothing grows.

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