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Chapter 3: My Religion Is a Godless Religion

All these religions are anti-religious. The religions that exist in the world are anti-religious. My effort is to create the first religion in the world. All these people have been preventing religion from happening; hence, they are all against me.

You will be surprised.it has never happened before - all religions are against me. They have never been against anybody all together; on this point they are in agreement. And, even more surprising, atheists are against me. They too agree with the theists on this point. Communists are against me. They don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in the soul, they don’t believe in meditation, but they are also in agreement with people who believe in God, who believe in the soul, who believe in all kinds of things. On only one point, one single point, are they all agreed.

This has never happened; it is happening now for the simple reason that I am clearly giving you the indication.

My fingers are pointing towards the truth.

Belief is not needed, scriptures are not needed, prophets are not needed, God is not needed. A tremendous courage to doubt everything is needed. It is your doubting capacity which will sharpen your intelligence, destroy your mediocrity. But remember, with your mediocrity many other things will be destroyed which depend on mediocrity. So beware, I am a dangerous man.

If you want to be intelligent you cannot be in politics. Politics needs idiots, people who can lie, people who can go on lying, people who have double faces, people who can change their personality any moment. They don’t have any individuality. If you want to be intelligent you cannot be in any politics.

If you want to be really religious you cannot be a member of any religious cult. You have to be free. You have to be individual, you have to be on your own. It will be fearful in the beginning because you have always lived in the crowd. The crowd gives you a certain coziness, warmth. You will be in the cold, alone.

If you are ready to be alone and in the cold, and ready to go in darkness in search of light, religion is yours.