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Chapter 6: First Find Yourself

There are people, simple people, who immediately think that miracles can happen. And the greatest problem is that if you are very trusting something can happen. Seventy percent of sicknesses are illusory; they are only because you believe you are sick. That’s why seventy percent of people are helped by any kind of medical approach other than allopathy - even simple sugar pills work, the scientific name of which is homeopathy.

I used to live next to a Bengali fellow..

He was a great homeopath, but he himself used to go to the hospital when he was sick.

I asked him, “What is the matter? You are such a great homeopath, you have treated so many people.” And it is true, he had treated.

He said, “I have treated, but I cannot treat myself; I know they are sugar pills. Somebody who does not know and believes in me, may be helped.”

And it has been found that seventy percent of people are helped by any kind of medical approach, except a very few stubborn people who are determined not to be healed whatever happens. They torture doctors, they torture allopaths, they torture homeopaths, they torture spiritual healers, they torture everybody. They are very inventive; they go on finding new diseases, even diseases for which the doctors don’t know the name.

Because of this homeopath doctor - I used to sit in his dispensary.A woman used to come almost every day, and the moment the woman would come, he would say, “My God, this woman is not going to die. She has no disease, she is perfectly healthy, but she goes on reading medical periodicals and finds out new diseases. Even I don’t know,” he said. “When she tells me that this kind of disease is happening to her, then I know. But it makes no difference, because I have only one medicine whatever the disease.”

There was a doctor who was tired of a young man, because every day he was standing there. He was poor, he could not pay, and the doctor had tried in every way to convince him, “You are perfectly healthy.”

But every day something new. One day it is stomachache, one day it is a headache.. He told me, “What should I do? It seems cruel because he is poor, an orphan, uneducated, unemployed.”

I said, “Do one thing: send him to me and just tell him, ‘He is a very difficult person; he knows, but he does not want to waste his time, so he is very secretive - but he has the power.if he touches water, the water can heal anything - but he will not touch it. But you remember, remain insistent. Sit in front of his door.’“

He came nearabout nine o’clock in the evening and he said, “I am suffering badly from stomachache.”

I said, “I am not a doctor and if you are suffering, suffer. Why should you bother me? When I have stomachache have I ever gone to you and tortured you?”

He said, “No, you have never come.”

I said, “That makes it simple; just go home.”

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