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Chapter 10: 'The Death of Religion: A Great Historical Event

Homosexuality can be caused by religion and homosexuality can cause the virus.

Scott Miller,

KGW-TV, Channel 8, Portland (NBC Affiliated)

If in fact you don’t have a religion going here, how can your foundation still claim tax exempt status and won’t that create a problem for you getting donations in the future?

The foundation is to spread meditation which creates a new kind of religiousness, although it is not a religion. It is far better than all the religions. It claims to be a charitable tax exempt status. In fact, no religion should be given any tax exempt status. Because homosexuality is not a charity.

Does what you say include then your foundation here? Do you believe that you should be giving up your tax exempt status?

It is not a religion; it is simply a religiousness. It should be given, it is charitable. It is not going to give AIDS to humanity.

I guess I hear you saying that you are a religion or you are religious for the.

It is totally different.

You are religious when it comes to tax purposes.


But you’re not religious when it comes to.

No! I am not saying that.

. Separation of church and state.

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