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Chapter 9: The Need for Authenticity

Belief in someone else’s subjective fact has become impossible. A Saint Francis or a Buddha may say, “I have achieved such and such,” but he cannot show you what he has achieved. You can believe it or disbelieve it. Or, you can experiment and achieve the same thing - then you can believe it.

There is no objectivity possible as far as inner truth is concerned, so don’t insist on it. That is what I mean. If I insist that my fact must be your fact, then I am a violent man. And if I say, “Believe it, because I know it is so”, that is violence. I simply say what is a fact for me. I can tell you the technique of how it became a fact for me, how I came to realize it. I can tell you the technique. You can try it. If you also come to the same bliss, then it will become a fact for you.

Science is concerned with the objectivity of the fact. Religion is concerned with the subjectivity. A subjective experience cannot be shown. I cannot show you what I have attained; there is no way. Still, it is a fact for me, not a belief.

Are values facts, or are they subjective?

Values must be based on your inner illumination. For example, Buddha says that to speak the truth is a value. For him it is an inner realization; it is not a question of faith. He is not saying that if you speak the truth you will attain to heaven, he is not saying that if you speak the truth, God will be pleased with you. He is not giving you any profit motive. He is simply saying that when he speaks the truth he feels good, a well-being comes to him, and when he speaks an untruth he feels degraded inside, he feels suffering, he feels a bondage. This is his fact, subjective. And he says, “Try it. If you also feel the same thing, then it has become a realization to you.” But just to believe in it because Buddha has said it is worthless.

This is my insistence, that unless something becomes a realization for you, it is bogus, and for you it is false. Don’t follow phantoms. It is better to experiment and come to an inner truth than to go on following things that someone else has said. Don’t be traditional. Be individual.

Religion is individual truth. You can be a Christian, you can be a Hindu, simply by belief. But that is bogus; you are not authentic. Simply by being born into a Christian family or a Hindu family you can be a Christian or a Hindu, but whatsoever you believe is borrowed. It is not authentic; you are not true to it.

So it is better to find out some small fact upon which you can be authentically based and you can say, “This is my knowing.” That will transform your whole being. You may believe in many, many things, but they are not coming from your experience. Then you remain a false entity, a pseudo man.

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