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Chapter 12: The Buddha Is in the Paper Bag

And this happens every day here when you all go into death. I go on saying to dead people, “Die more deeply” because you only die just a little, you keep to the surface, very close, so that if anything goes wrong you can immediately come out. You just need Rupesh’s drum and you are back. Die deeply, so that even if Rupesh drums on your head, it will take a little time for you to come back.

Sozan said, “You have expounded the going,
but how about coming?”
Shie Doja suddenly opened his eyes and asked,
“How about when a spiritual nature
does not borrow a placenta?”

These people are the very salt of the earth. Doja opened his eyes, came back into the body and said:

“How about when a spiritual nature
does not borrow a placenta?”

.when a spiritual being does not enter into another womb and borrow a placenta?

Sozan said, “This is not yet wonderful.”
Shie Doja asked, “What is wonderful then?”
Sozan said, “Not-borrowing borrowing.”

Negation of negation. One borrows the placenta: the placenta is the tie between the mother and the child which is cut at the birth of the child. When one does not borrow a placenta, even the idea of not borrowing a placenta is enough to keep you away from the formless. You have to stop even not borrowing. You have stopped borrowing, now stop not borrowing. Simply forget all about it, the negative and the positive, both. Don’t look back - and disappear into the ocean.

Shie Doja thereupon said, “Be happy, be well!”
and died, sitting.

Death seems to be a game to these people. It is a game: so is life. Don’t take anything seriously. Life or death, both are just games and you are beyond both. You can participate on either side of the football game, but you are beyond the sides. For the moment you can play the game.

Sozan, on the death of Doja, made a verse. Such beautiful people! Somebody is dying and you are making a verse.

The enlightened mind is a perfect and formless body.
Do not believe, unreasonably, that it is far off or near!
Thoughts of difference becloud the original form.
A mind at variance with itself
cannot be in harmony with the way.
When emotion distinguishes phenomena,
we fall into materiality.
When intellect judges the manifold,
we lose the reality.
If you understand perfectly the meaning of these words,
you are without doubt beyond danger
like those of ancient times.

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