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Chapter 13: Truth Is Beyond Words

I do not believe in anything. It is not a question of God - I do not believe in believing. My approach is to know, and knowing is a totally different dimension. It starts from doubt, it does not start from believing. The moment you believe in something you have stopped inquiring. Belief is one of the most poisonous things to destroy human intelligence. All religions are based on belief; only science is based on doubt. And I would like the religious inquiry also to be scientific, based on doubt. So we need not believe, but we can come to know someday the truth of our being and the truth of the whole universe.

We just finished with the first part.


[to the crew] Are we ready again? Okay.
You have this beautiful and very efficient settlement here in Oregon. Could it be anywhere in the world, or do you like to have it in America?

It could be anywhere in the world. I would like it everywhere; already we have communes around the world, and they are increasing every day. And I do not believe in countries - America or Germany or India. That is nonsense. Humanity is one, and it is time we should declare that all these maps are the creations of stupid politicians.

The earth is undivided, and we are all one. I would like that everybody burns his passport, his green card, and everybody declares, “This whole earth is mine.”

But here in Oregon you have some harassments with the officials in this respect.

I am enjoying them.

Do you mind having these harassments? Or are they just nuisances and you are aloof?

No, I don’t mind, and they are not a nuisance. They are harassed, I am simply enjoying. They cannot harass me, nobody can harass me. By harassing me, they are unnecessarily harassed. I don’t even think about them; they are not worth giving any consideration.

Is it that you play with words, that you like to use words just to make fun of other people? Or is it that you think that only with words, instead of in silent communication, your philosophy and your teaching can be transmitted to the people?

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