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Chapter 3: Players of a Game

The moment you say “God,” you have used a belief. “God” is a belief. But life is not a belief, it is an experience. Let life be your only god. No other god is needed, because all other gods are human inventions. Einstein is true when he says, “I am a deeply religious person, but unbelieving, not a believer.” What does he mean?

The quality of being religious has nothing to do with the quality of a believer. A believer believes because he desires. A believer believes because he wants to seek something. A believer believes because he cannot live life without the mind. He brings the mind always in between life and himself.as if your hand is hiding behind a glove - you touch your beloved, but not direct; your hand is hidden behind the glove. The glove touches the beloved; you touch your glove only.

A belief is like a glove; it surrounds you. You are never available to life directly, immediately. A religious person is naked in this sense - he has no clothes of beliefs. He is simply direct, in touch with life.in that touch, the melting; in that touch, the merging; in that touch, somewhere you are no longer you. Somewhere you have become the whole and the whole has come to you. The ocean drops into the drop and the drop becomes the ocean.

Beliefs are dangerous. We go on changing beliefs: a Hindu can become a Mohammedan, a Christian can become a Hindu, or a religious person, a so-called religious person, can become a communist; a theist can become an atheist. It makes no difference. You go on changing the glove, but the glove remains.

Can’t you see life directly? Can’t you love life directly? Is there really any need to believe in anything? Can’t you trust life?

Let me say it in this way: people who cannot trust, believe. Belief is a substitute - a false coin, a deception. People who can trust need no beliefs. Life is enough. They don’t superimpose any “God,” any nirvana, any moksha on top of it. There is no need. Life is more than enough. They live life.

Of course, if you have a belief, you can create a future around it. If you don’t have any belief then you don’t have any future, because life is herenow. There is no need to wait. But we go on postponing - to the very moment death comes and takes the gift back.

I was reading..

Three men were engaged in one of those profitless conversations, which involve all of us at one time or another. They were considering the problem of what each would do if the doctor told him he had only six months to live.

Said Robinson, “If my doctor said I had only six months to live, the first thing I would do would be to liquidate my business, withdraw my savings, and have the biggest fling on the French Riviera you ever saw. I would play roulette, I would eat like a king, and most of all I would have girls, girls, and more girls.”

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