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Chapter 2: Truth and Science

The ideas and actions that go against this inner harmony are sin; those that help create it, that help nourish it, are virtues. When a man is out of tune with life he lives in a state of anarchy, and a mind that knows no harmony is in hell. When this harmony is sublime, a man is in heaven. And when an individual becomes one with the harmony within him, his outer actions reflect his accord with the universe. Whatever is within us is what flows from us; it is what we give out. It is also what we receive.

We must create a science that can fill the inner world of man with glowing health and celestial music - not for any future kingdom of heaven, but for this world, for life on this planet. If this life is bountiful, why worry about any other! One’s imagination is only fired by visions of another world as an escape from this one. Authentic religion has nothing to do with other worlds, with other lives. But that is what has happened to this world. Religion’s concern for the other world has been detrimental to mankind because it has taken his attention away from this one.

Religion, philosophy and the scriptures have not been concerned with the physical world at all, not as science has been. Matter has been conquered, but the man for whom this has been done has been completely ignored. Man must come first. Man must become the center of both science and religion.

Science must disengage itself from matter; religion, from the other world. This rejection of their individual attachments will be their point of meeting. This will give birth to the greatest event in human history; this will give birth to a great creative energy. This union alone will save mankind. There is no other way.

From this joining, from this coupling, the science of man will come into being for the very first time. The life, the future of mankind depends on this. On this alone.

Truth liberates. But the truth that liberates is manifested in the very breath of one’s being. The strongest chains of all are borrowed truths. Nothing in the world is more untrue than these.

I see a lie as a pile of straw. It has no might whatsoever. The tiniest spark of truth can reduce it to ashes.

Belief and non-belief are closely related. There is really no difference between them at all. Their bodies may be different, but their souls are the same. And the man who seeks truth must beware of both of them. One is a well and the other is a ditch. Both are fine if you wish to fall, but if you want to move on towards truth you have to take the in-between path. The mind becomes liberated only after it frees itself from the two, from belief as well as from non-belief. Only the man who is neither a theist nor an atheist, neither a believer nor a non-believer, can undertake the journey to truth.

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