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Chapter 3: The Last Morning Star

Understand this. Paradoxical speech means.. When you see the sun rising in the morning, you never have any doubts about the sun. Have you ever met anyone who told you that they believe in the existence of the sun? No. You never meet anyone who believes in the existence of the sun and you never meet anyone who doesn’t believe in the existence of the sun. The sun exists: this is the experience of us all. So there are no believers and no non-believers regarding this. The sun is. We all agree that the world exists, because it is in our experience. It is right there in front of our eyes. Our hands can touch it, our ears can hear it, our tongues can taste it. It is within the grasp of our senses.

The divine is not within the grasp of our senses in this way; it is not visible to the eye, we cannot touch it with our hands or hear it with our ears. So the person who has faith in the divine seems to be very incoherent. It is not absurd to have faith in the world - that is mathematical, logical - but to have faith in the divine is completely absurd. To have faith in one you have never seen or touched or experienced! Gamblers have that faith. Trusting the unknown.it requires great courage.

You don’t need any courage to have faith in the sun, but you need extraordinary courage to have faith in the divine - a courage which sweeps away the entire web of logic.

In life there is only one such door: it is in your heart and it is the door of love. Only in love can you put aside your web of logic for a short time. When you fall in love with someone you give up all calculation. Then you say, “I am in love. This has nothing to do with bookkeeping.” You are willing to wager everything. Majnu staked everything, didn’t he? Become a Majnu. Then you will stop thinking, then you will say it is simply a matter of the heart, that thinking isn’t allowed in here.

A young man went to the father of the girl he was in love with and said, “Sir, I would like to marry your daughter.”

Her father was a calculating man - as fathers should be. He looked at the young man carefully and said, “Why do you want to marry my daughter?”

The young man said, “Forgive me, I can give you no reason. I love her. There is no other reason.”

Love is not a reason. Love is something that destroys all reasons when it manifests. Love is not a reason. Love comes from the unknown. You have no control over it, you are helpless. So the lover is under someone else’s control, he is helpless. Something happens which is beyond his limits, beyond his control.

Even love in ordinary life is beyond your control.. When you fall in love with a man or a woman, even that is beyond your limitations, beyond your control. It is bigger than you, it engulfs you. You cannot envelop it: your fist is too small, your fist cannot hold it. It grabs your fist. What then can one say about the love for the divine? It is love for the vast, for the eternal. When the ray of love for the divine descends into your life, it is a state of paradox - something which does not ordinarily happen.

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