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Chapter 6: Joy Is the Criterion

But now there are scientists who will prove that he is wrong and there are Christians who will try to prove that he is right. And both do the same foolishness: you must take a parable for a fact, you can’t understand a beautiful story, you can’t understand poetry. Now I have come across scientists who have written great treatises proving that Jesus is wrong. And I have come across treatises which have tried to refute him.

For example, scientists say that now there are proofs - and there are proofs - that the world has existed for millions of years. We have found bones in the earth, skulls in the earth which are at least fifty thousand years old. So not only the world but man has existed for at least fifty thousand years and Jesus says that the world was created only four thousand years before. Now how to answer it?

I was reading a Christian theologian. He says, “God is Almighty. When he created the world, he created skulls fifty thousand years old just to test the faith of people.”

Now what to do with these people? He has put fifty thousand-year-old skulls inside the earth. He created the earth four thousand years ago just to see who the doubters are and who the real believers are!

Don’t waste your time in such things.

Enough for today.