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Chapter 5: Blindness and Following Are Synonymous

I said, “Now you figure out how to get rid of me!”

He said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Now I am going to be here. You asked my father to leave me behind. Now, unless I decide to go, nobody can send me away.”

His wife came from inside and she said, “Don’t fight with that boy, he has been harassing me.”

The priest said, “You harass my wife?”

I said, “First give me the proof that she is your wife! Because many other people have said to me that this woman is their wife. Whom to believe? Show me the certificate!”

The old priest said, “My god, you.can’t you see my children?”

I said, “That is even more difficult. You may have some evidence from the court that this is your wife, but even the court cannot prove that these are your children.”

The wife said, “Don’t fight with that boy, because he will harass me more.”

The priest said, “Where does he harass you?”

She said, “Everywhere! When I go to the river, he is standing naked under a tree. And once I said, ‘This is not right.’ He said, ‘Close your eyes!’ And I thought that perhaps he is right, what right have I to tell him? If I don’t want to see him naked I should close my eyes. Since that day I have not bothered about him.”

The old priest said to me, “Listen, you are not yet grown up; you should behave like a cultured, well-behaved boy.”

I said, “I always do what you are saying. For example, when I told you that you cannot prove these children are yours, was I not behaving intelligently? And you have been believing, unintelligently, that these children are yours. And you don’t have any proof! And being a holy priest.are you indulging in dirty sex?”

He said, “My god, you just get out of my house!”

I said, “I am going to visit this house now whenever I want. Otherwise I will tell the whole village that this idiot can’t answer even simple questions but he answers that God exists. He cannot even prove that his children are his.”

He said, “Listen, wait - let us compromise!”

I said, “For what? Compromise? Why should I compromise?”

He said, “No, wait.” And he told his wife, “Bring some sweets and other things.”

I said, “Okay, but that does not mean that it is a permanent solution to the problem. Today I may not harass you, but whenever I need sweets.”

And after two or three days I went, and as I entered his house he said, “No need to argue; just wait. I will call my wife for sweets.”

His wife said, “But this is going to be an unnecessary burden.”

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