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Chapter 11: Chuang Tzu’s Funeral

You cannot even accept happiness without asking why. It is impossible for the mind to accept anything - the why is immediately there, and the why destroys everything. Hence so much insistence in all religions on faith. This is the meaning of faith - not allowing the mind to ask why.

Faith is not belief, it is not about believing in a certain theory - faith is believing in life itself. Faith is not about believing in the Bible or the Koran or the Gita. Faith is not belief - faith is a trust, a non-doubting trust. And only those who are faithful, those who are capable of trust, will be able to know what life is and what death is.

For us life is a problem, so death is bound to be a problem. We are constantly trying to solve it, and wasting time and energy in solving it. It is already solved. It has never been a problem. It is you who are creating the problem. Look at the stars, there is no problem; look at the trees, there is no problem. Look all around. If man were not there everything would be already solved. Where is the problem? The trees never ask who created the world - they simply enjoy it. What foolishness to ask who created the world. And what difference does it make who created the world: a, b, c or d, what difference does it make? And whether it was created or it is uncreated, what difference does it make? How will it affect you if a created the world, or b created the world, or nobody created the world? You will remain the same, life will remain the same. So why ask an unnecessary, irrelevant question and get entangled in it?

The rivers go on flowing never asking where they are going. They reach the sea. If they start asking, they might not; their energy might be lost on the way. They might become so afraid - where they are going, where is the goal, what is the purpose? They may become so obsessed with the problem that they might go mad. But they go on flowing, unworried where they are going, and they always reach the sea.

When trees and rivers can do this miracle, why can’t you do it? This is the whole of Chuang Tzu’s philosophy, his whole way of life: When everything is happening, why are you worried? Allow it to happen. If rivers can reach, man will reach. If trees reach, man will reach. When this whole existence is moving, you are part of it. Don’t become a whirlpool of thinking, otherwise you go round and round, round and round, and the flow is lost. Then there is no oceanic experience in the end.

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