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Chapter 6: Why Don’t You Retire?

The wife said, “Don’t you lie to me. I just looked at the alarm clock. It is not eleven-fifteen, it is three-fifteen. The whole night is past.”

Nasruddin said, “One minute. You believe in a rotten twenty-rupee alarm clock, rather than believing in your beloved husband? What type of marriage is this? What type of woman are you?”

You always believe in rotten twenty-rupee minds, that you have purchased from an old used-mind shop - it is not even yours! It has been in many hands, thousands of times. What is new in your mind? Everything is old, used. What is fresh in your mind? What is original in it? Everything is borrowed. And when a man purchases an old, old, used car, he thinks millions of times whether to purchase it or not.

You never think about the mind, that it has been used by many. Your every thought is borrowed, old, rubbish; many have thrown it. But you go on believing in it, because this mind has learned a trick, and that trick is how to promise. It goes on promising: “I will give you everything. You need God? I will give you God, just wait. Do this and that. Make effort, and hope and pray, and you will get it.” It always postpones. It says, “Tomorrow it will happen” - and tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow cannot come - all that comes is always today, and all that mind does is to transfer everything for tomorrow. It promises you - in the future. Whether it is heaven, whether it is God, or moksha, or nirvana - it always promises you, “In the future.”

Meditation, Zen, never promises you anything. It simply gives you here and now. Mind is a postponement, it says, “It will happen. It will happen gradually. Go by and by. Don’t be in a hurry, nothing can be done right now.” Mind says, “Time is needed. Long is the path. Much has to be done and unless you do it, how can you attain?” Mind always divides ends and means.

In reality, there is no division. Every step is the goal, and every moment is nirvana. The present is all that exists. Future is the most illusory thing, it is a creation of the mind. But you believe in the mind, and it is really wonderful, you don’t even get discouraged!

I have heard: One man purchased a used, old car. Then after two weeks he came back to the same shop and asked the salesman, “Are you the same guy who sold me this car?”

The man said, “Yes,” a little afraid and apprehensive, because he knew what type of car he had sold.

This man said, “Then tell me again the same things you told me before you sold me this car - I get so discouraged. Give me a little courage; and I will be coming on and off, just to get encouraged.”

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