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Chapter 3: Take No Thought for the Morrow

But the journalist was intent. He said, “Twelve you have. Just give me twenty-four hours’ time. I will persuade somebody to go to the other place, and then you can manage for me. I want to he here.”

St. Peter took pity on him and gave him twenty-four hours to persuade somebody.

He spread the news - he was a journalist - he immediately entered and started talking to people: “A new paper, a very new paper, is being published in hell, and on a good salary, big house, big car, big staff, editors, news editors are needed.” He spread the news.

After twenty-four hours when he came back to St. Peter, St. Peter closed the door and said, “Don’t try to get out. All the twelve have escaped!”

But then the journalist became a little suspicious. He said, “All the twelve have gone? I was thinking one or two at the most. All the twelve have gone? Then let me go out. Then there must be something in it.”

He himself has created the news. It is a lie, he knows, but when you tell lies to people many times, by and by you start believing it yourself. Lies have a tendency to become truths, just repetition is needed.

That’s what Adolf Hitler says in his autobiography, Mein Kampf. That is the only distinction he makes between truth and a lie: a lie is just the truth told for the first time; and a truth is a lie told many times. That is the only distinction he makes. And he knows well, he did it well himself.

You can go on repeating a lie again and again and again, and sooner or later people will start believing it. When they hear it again and again, the impact.it creates a groove in their minds. And when many people start believing, you will start believing yourself, because you live according to people.

“If so many people are believing, there must be something in it,” said the journalist. “I want to go, I don’t want to be here. And I have looked into your heaven - it is useless. Nothing is happening here and nothing will ever happen here.”

So remain in a state where nothing happens, is what dhyan is, meditation is. Meditation is heaven.

Buddha talks about it, Jesus talks about it, Zarathustra talks about it, Lao Tzu talks about it. And they are talking about the same phenomenon. It is the same energy, the same kind of experience.

That’s why Divya is right. When I am talking, I am talking about the same thing again and again. These are different excuses. I use them like jumping boards. If any one message hits you, all messages have hit you. If you can understand Buddha, you have understood all - Mahavira, Krishna, Christ - all. If you understand Christ, you have understood all.

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