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Chapter 9: A Wedding and a Wake

Wisdom needs a direct approach. Wisdom needs to jump into the center of the thing, not going round and round. Going round and round, you can become acquainted, but to be acquainted is not to know. In the ordinary sense, whatsoever is called knowledge is a misnomer because it is nothing but memory. It is not knowledge. Memory is not knowledge, it is parrot-like.

Knowledge is real only when you are an eyewitness to it - seeing is believing. But the people in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques, they say just the opposite. They say, “Believing is seeing.” How can believing be seeing? Believing can only be deceiving. Believing can create a kind of hallucination around you. If you really believe too much in something you may start seeing it. But it is not there, it has been created by your mind; it is just your projection.

Never start by belief, otherwise you will never know the truth. Go empty into the search, with no belief, with no disbelief either. Just go open, not knowing this way or that. Go innocent, utterly naked.

Only one thing is needed for the disciple and that is openness, vulnerability - not belief. The real disciple is an agnostic. He says, “I don’t know. I am ready to know but I don’t know, and until I know I am not going to believe. For or against, I am not going to believe either way. I will remain open to the truth to come and knock on my door. I will search.”

But great courage is needed for that - to search without belief, without disbelief. The mind hankers to believe because it can cling to the belief; it gives it great consolation. It starts feeling, “I know, a little bit at least, but I know. I am not utterly ignorant.”

The disciple needs the courage to be utterly ignorant. In that ignorance innocence arises. In that innocence you cannot find any ego in you. Ego needs beliefs or disbeliefs, which are nothing but negative beliefs. One believes in God, one does not believe in God, but both are stubborn and dogmatic. Both have crutches to lean upon.

Throw away all your crutches. Only then is there a possibility to know the truth. And that is what I mean by “another kind of knowing,” by being the reality, not getting information about it.

Know love by being love, then it is wisdom. You can go to the British Museum and you can find all that has been written about love, and you can write a great PhD thesis about love, but you will not have known anything about love. You will not have tasted anything of love, not even a drop on your tongue. You may become very, very clever about love, you may be able to talk about it, but you will be incapable to live it. And unless you are capable to live it, remember, you don’t know it. The real knowing is by being that reality, by being one with or in unity or identity with that reality in its self-luminous state.

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