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Chapter 9: The Pause between Two Notes

I.108. Mein ka se bujhavn

To whom shall I go to learn about my beloved?
Kabir says: “As you never may find the forest
if you ignore the tree,
so he may never be found in abstractions.”

I.92. Avadhu begam des hamara

O sadhu: my land is a sorrowless land.
I cry aloud to all, to the king and the beggar,
the emperor and the fakir -
whosoever seeks for shelter in the highest,
let all come and settle in my land:
let the weary come and lay his burdens here:

So live here, my brother,
that you may cross with ease to that other shore.
It is a land without earth or sky,
without moon or stars:
for only the radiance of truth
shines in my lord’s durbar.
Kabir says: “O beloved brother:
naught is essential save truth.”

Love is the only miracle there is. Love is the ladder from hell to heaven. Love learned well, you have learned all. Love missed, you missed your whole life. People who ask about God are not in fact asking about God; rather than asking, they are declaring that they have not known what love is. One who knows love has known the Beloved: love is the insight into the Beloved. One who asks about light, simply says that he is blind. One who asks about God, simply says his heart has not bloomed into love.

Never ask about God. If you cannot see him that simply shows you don’t have eyes to see. If you cannot hear him that simply shows you are deaf. If you cannot touch him that simply shows you are without hands - that you don’t have any sensitivity. God is not the problem, God cannot be the problem. God is not far away, God is herenow. All that is, is in God and is God - so how can God be the problem? God is not to be searched: where will you search him? He is everywhere - you just have to learn how to open your eyes of love. Once love has penetrated your heart, God is there. In the thrill of love is the Beloved: in the vision of love is the vision of God.

So God is the only real inner alchemy: it transforms your material life into the divine. It is the only alchemy, I say, because it changes the baser metal into gold. Without love, life is a dull affair, gray - with no colors, with no songs, with no celebrations. One can drag and one can hope only for death: death will come and relieve you of your dragging long affair. Love brings color: the gray suddenly becomes a rainbow, explodes into a thousand and one colors, and the drab and the dull become psychedelic. Love changes the whole climate of your inner being - and with that change the whole existence is changed. Nothing is changed on the outside - but once you are full of love you have a totally different existence available to you.

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