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Chapter 5: The Whole Challenge of Life

God is betrayed only when you betray an alive master - never otherwise. When I am gone, let it be finished. Then go and find out living masters. Then don’t think you will be betraying Rajneesh: when he is gone, he is gone. Then God has chosen some other place to manifest himself - then don’t allow me to hinder you, then don’t let this idea become a barrier. You will not be betraying me. If you cling to me when I am gone, then you will be betraying me.

Jesus is gone: now you can go on clinging. God has chosen some other place to exhibit himself, to manifest himself. Always look at the alive. God is life - and he always goes on leaving the old skin, and into new spaces and finding new expressions.new songs to sing, and new dances to dance.

Set not thy heart on the worship of other gods,
there is no worth in the worship of other masters.

If you have found a master, then forget about all other masters, because that will be a division in your head. Then let your devotion be total, otherwise that will create a wavering in your mind. Then forget all about others. You have found: now move into it totally, wholeheartedly.

Kabir deliberates and says:
“Thus thou shalt never find the beloved.”

If you go on worshipping the dead gods, and if you go on wavering between too many masters, you will never be able to find God.

“Thus thou shalt never find the beloved.”

Sadh sangat peetam: if you have found one, that’s enough. If you have found one person who is throbbing with God, who is radiant with God, who is pulsating with God, drown yourself in his pulsations, become part of his being, and forget all.and you will find the Beloved. In fact, you have already found - in finding the master, the Beloved has already been found.

From the first chakra to the seventh, from the first love to the last, the search is one; the search is for the one. And unless that one is found there is no rest. Unless that one is found there is no peace - there cannot be; there is no contentment. And that one can be found: you just have to go on becoming more and more aware. Don’t get entangled at the lower centers. Always remember that you have to move higher: from food, move higher; from sex, move higher; from love, move higher; from meditation, move higher. Unless you have come to your ultimate flowering, the inner lotus, sahasrar - one-thousand-petaled lotus.when it opens, Kabir says: The spring has not come, and the lotus has bloomed! The spring has not come, and the bee has already received the invitation from the Beloved.