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Chapter 8: Lover and Beloved Become One

This is why there is an intrinsic reason for the pain that lovers experience: the distance has become so small, and yet it has not completely disappeared. It never disappears, although the distance becomes so small that it creates a hope that soon it will completely disappear. And each time lovers come so close, a friction, a collision also begins to happen - but the distance does not totally dissolve. The sense of distance only starts becoming clearer, sharper. In a sense, the smaller the distance, the greater the distance becomes because now it hurts more. It hurts more because now it feels that the distance could dissolve. Now the shore is so close that you can stretch your arms out and touch the other - but the touch does not happen and the distance remains. So even if you go very close to the divine, the language can become like that of lovers, I and thou - yet the distance continues.

The writer of this Upanishad says: If one’s self is not seen in all beings and all beings in one’s self, if thou does not become I and I thou, the distance will remain. This is the last jump - where the lover becomes the beloved and the beloved becomes the lover. This is the last jump, where the devotee becomes God and God becomes the devotee. This is the last jump, when it is no longer clear who is who. Who is who is no longer known.

The sage says:

The one who sees that the self pervades all beings, and that all beings pervade the self, sees the brahman, the ultimate reality. There is no other way.

This is the final statement that the intellect can think about, that it can perceive. Beyond this, the world of perception ends and there is no more possibility for thinking.

Enough.. Now get ready for meditation.