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Chapter 4: A True Lover Never Dies

Dying, dying, all go on dying.
None die a proper death.
Kabir met with death,
never to die again.

Dying, dying, all go on dying
without a second thought.
Only mine’s an artful death.
The rest die and rot.

Die you must, so die!
All whirlpools fall away.
Such is death. So why die
hundreds of times a day?

When there’s fear of death
love cannot be felt.
The abode of love is far away.
Understand this well.

Nothingness dies, the soundless dies;
even the infinite dies.
A true lover never dies.
Says Kabir: know this.

Death - the whole world fears.
Death - my heart overjoys.
When will I die and give myself
in ecstasy complete?

Only yesterday Kabir told us:

Ram has come to live with me
and I’m drunk with boundless youth.

Says Kabir: I’m to wed.
And the man’s immortal!

Today Kabir is talking about death. Love and death are deeply related. The man who does not know death will not be able to know what love is, and the man who has experienced love knows no death. Understand this correctly. Move into these wonderful words of Kabir and try to understand them.

Love is the deepest of deaths. The bud of love will not open, will not flower, until you are no more. How can love exist as long as “you” are there? There is no love as long as the lover exists. Your ego is the impediment; your I-ness stands like a dam in between. And so love’s spring will not well up in you; it will not be able to spill forth. The only barrier that stands in the way of love is you yourself.

People think love will come to them when they find a lover, a beloved. This is an illusion. The Beloved is already found. He is there every moment. The Beloved is present everywhere, but the meeting will not take place until you are no more. How will your ego allow you to encounter Him? How will it allow you to see Him? How will it allow you to recognize Him?

You have wandered in search of love from birth to birth, and you have never found it. Many times you have deceived yourself, thinking you have found love, but each time you thought you found it you discovered your hands were really empty. Many times you thought you had found a rare drop of nectar, but in the end you discovered it was just an ordinary drop of water because it did not turn into a pearl of love in your heart.

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