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Chapter 16: Who Created God?

Paddy looked at Sean and said, “I hope that the last engine does not fail, or we will be up here all night.”

What they did was very Irish, unconscious.

Your question is beautiful, and shows the beauty of your heart. It does not matter that a few women betrayed the trust and the love that I have showered on them. They cannot be taken as the criterion for all the women of the world.

I am a stubborn fellow. I will continue, in spite of the wound, to give woman every possible opportunity which she has been denied in the past. And there will be more women like you who will come to the surface. And they will prove my point that you are absolutely equal to men, there is no question of inferiority. Perhaps something may be superior in you, because you are the mother of man. The man has your blood, your bones, your marrow; all that the man has is a contribution from the woman. It was out of fear that woman might prove superior that man started putting her down.

It is now up to you not to be bothered about the past - that which is gone is gone - but to be ready for the future, and prove to man and to the whole of humanity that man need not be afraid of you; he can trust you. And you can be of immense help in the evolution of man.

Whenever I hear or read about Meera, the enlightened princess, who gave up her palace to devote her life to the beloved, dancing wildly in the streets, my heart is full of joy. Also, I notice that only very few enlightened women are known to us. Beloved Osho, would you like to talk about women’s enlightenment?

More women could have been enlightened than men, but man has not allowed them to reach to those heights. He has kept them, enslaved them as second-class citizens. He has not allowed them education; he has not allowed them freedom of movement in society; he has not allowed them even to listen to the religious scriptures. He has tied them to the home, which has become almost a prison while he is free.

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