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Chapter 37: The Eternal Light at Your Center

He can meditate. It is difficult in the ordinary world to find such a long stretch of time - two years - to sit silently, do nothing, and just be a witness. He can do that. Then AIDS becomes a blessing in disguise.

The men whose sperm is found not to be carrying any AIDS or other diseases can donate their sperm to the hospital. Just like blood banks, there should be sperm banks. And all women will have gone lesbian. And if we want humanity to continue, and certainly we want to continue, then artificial insemination will be the only way to produce children - either in the test-tubes or, if the woman is happy and ready, then in her womb.

And there are far better possibilities for the children. They will not carry diseases. We can choose the best sperm, one that creates an Albert Einstein, Lord Rutherford, Bertrand Russell, or a Jean-Paul Sartre. We can choose.

So you are in the great service of humanity and nature. Go deeper into the research. Don’t just do it as a job, let it be your worship. These things are going to be needed.

Nowadays if you have a fracture, then for six weeks you are carrying the cast - unnecessarily! If we can create artificial organs, limbs.if a leg has a fracture, it is better to replace it. Why bother with rotten old things? Just replace it with a new, brand-new leg, and that can be done very easily. And the artificial leg can be made as strong as we want; it can be absolute steel, with no fear of any fracture.

It is perfectly in tune with nature. Just remember one criterion: whatever you do should not be in the service of destruction, it should be in the service of creativity.

We are passing through a very strange period of time, so we will have to adjust to many new things.

The other day the lady who had said that she is very much disturbed because I said homosexuality is unnatural.. She became worried because she thought I include lesbianism in homosexuality. And she is not a young girl. She has come here from Puerto Rico to meet her girlfriend who has come here to see her sannyasin son. So that lady must be at least sixty or more. A sixty-year-old lady.and lesbianism is absolutely okay as far as nature is concerned, because it is not creating AIDS, it is not creating any disease; it is just a silly joke. You can go on playing it. It is stupid, but harmless.

And if something makes two people happy without any harm - it may be silly, but I am the last person to stop it. Now these two old women - do you want me to disturb them? And they are doing no harm to anybody, just doing silly things to each other. Even nature is not taking note of them.

Reverend Jerry Falwell is saying that God has punished the homosexuals with the disease AIDS. It is strange God is not punishing women. It is something new - he has never been favorable to women.

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