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Chapter 11: The Lion and the Fox

Mahavira had no proof, Bahauddin had no proof, Jesus had no proof, Buddha had no proof. They were proofs themselves. Those who have eyes will be able to see and those who have ears will be able to hear and those who have hearts will be able to feel. But the human mind has fallen into great stupidity. Humanity is living by words. Words have become too important. The word fire has become more important than fire itself. The word God has become more important than God itself. And remember, the word God is not God and the word love is not love.

Don’t be deceived by words, beware of words. You can be lost in the jungle of words and you will be going farther and farther away from truth.

Truth is a wordless experience. Truth happens only when there is no thought in you, when all words have disappeared and all the dust is gone from the mirror, when the mirror is simply mirroring - and mirroring nothing. No reflection is made, no wave arises in the lake of your consciousness. Then all is reflected, then you know what is - not only that you know who you are, you know what this whole existence is. Knowing oneself, one knows the whole.

Enough for today.