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Chapter 3: Breaking the Four Seals

There was a great commotion.loud thumps, shouts, squawkings and flutterings. With irresistible curiosity the magician tiptoed over and peered into the leaves. The boy was holding down a bird, over which the girl squatted. Suddenly he jumped up and exclaimed, “Now it is your turn to hold him down while I shit upon him!”

Three hundred years of birds shitting upon them.then who bothers about lovemaking? That was their repression.

You can go and sit in a cave and become a statue, but that which you have repressed will hover around you, will be the only thing that you will ever think about.

Tantra says: Beware.beware of indulgence and beware of renunciation. Beware of both, both are traps. And either way you are trapped in the mind.

Then where is the way? Tantra says: Awareness is the way. Indulgence is mechanical, repression is mechanical, both are mechanical things. The only way out of mechanical things is to become aware, alert. Don’t go to the Himalayas, bring a Himalayan silence within you. Don’t escape, become more awake. Look into things deeply with no fear.without fear look into things deeply. Don’t listen to what your so-called religious people go on teaching. They make you afraid, they don’t allow you to look into sex, they don’t allow you to look into death. They have exploited your fears tremendously.

The only way to exploit a person is first to make him afraid. Once you are afraid you are ready to be exploited. Fear is the basis, it has to be created first. You have been made afraid: sex is sin. So there is fear.. Even while making love to your woman or man you never look directly into it, even while making love you are avoiding. You are making love and avoiding. You don’t want to see into the reality of it - what it is exactly, why it infatuates, why it has a magnetic pull over you - why? What is it exactly, how does it arise, how does it take possession of you, what does it give and where does it lead? What happens in it and what happens out of it? Where do you arrive again and again making love? Do you arrive anywhere? These things have to be encountered.

Tantra is an encounter with the reality of life. And sex is fundamental, so is death. They are the two most basic, fundamental charkas - muladhar and swadhishthan. Understanding them, the third chakra opens. Understanding the third, the fourth opens, and so on and so forth. When you have understood the six chakras, that very understanding hits the seventh chakra and it blooms into a one-thousand-petaled lotus. That day is of superb glory. That day God comes to you, that day you come to God; that day is the meeting day. That day is the day of cosmic orgasm. That day you embrace the divine and the divine embraces you. That day the river disappears into the ocean forever and forever; then there is no coming back.

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