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Chapter 5: Love Needs No Time

Remember it. A man who has only slept and has never known what awakening is, to him dreams are true. Because in sleep everybody thinks dreams are true. But the man who has known both the dream and the awakening, to him dreams are untrue. Listen to the one who has known both. That has been the Eastern experience. We don’t pay any attention to what the scholar says, because what he says is the experience of us all. It is nothing new! Maybe he is more articulate, maybe he is more clever, maybe he can bring more footnotes to his statements, he can quote scriptures - but what he says is qualitatively the same. Quantitatively he may be better, but there is no difference between him and other people.

But when a buddha arises, a Sufi is born, a Christ-consciousness walks on the earth, it is qualitatively different.

And one thing to be remembered again and again: Buddha has lived in your world too; he has also dreamt like you. He has also been be fooled by the dreams like you. Now he has become awakened. He knows both. Hence, whatsoever he says is far more true than the statements of those who have known only one kind of world.

Beware of being dragged into scholarship. Beware of your own logicalness. Beware of reason. It is reason that has made your life dry. It is reason that has destroyed all the juice of your being. It is reason that has become your suicide. Beware of it! Go beyond it.because only beyond it is the world of truth. Only beyond it is the kingdom of God. And unless you have known the kingdom of God, don’t be contented - remain discontented.

This divine discontent makes one a disciple. And this divine discontent, sooner or later, becomes such a fire that it burns one’s ego utterly. And when you are no more, the Sufi is born.

Scholarship is an addition to you. You remain the same. You become more and more informed. To be a Sufi, you have to pass through a death experience. It is not an addition to you: it is a new birth. It is a rebirth.

Jesus says: Unless you are born again you will not enter into the kingdom of my God. And do you know to whom these words were said? They were said to a great scholar, Nicodemus. He was a famous professor of those days; he was far more knowledgeable than Jesus himself. Jesus was illiterate, a poor man’s son, a carpenter’s son. Nicodemus was rich, famous, a well-known scholar, respected. Why does Jesus say to him: Unless you are born again.? The scholar has to die, only then is the Sufi born. And to be a Sufi is to live in the kingdom of God.

Be discontented with all that you know. There is a knowing which is not knowledge. There is a wisdom which is not scholarship. But to attain to it you will have to empty yourself completely of all that you think is knowledge. Say good-bye to the scholar, say good-bye to the mind, and let the no-mind enter in you.

That no-mind is the door to the kingdom of God.

Enough for today.