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Chapter 31: The Art of Being Human

The violence that they have repressed for centuries has come to a climax. The people want to take revenge, because they have been mistreated, they have been deceived by the people they have trusted - by their prophets, their messiahs, their incarnations of God.

These people have been the greatest criminals.

They divided humanity.

They divided you, split you into body and soul: you have to torture your body if you want to know the soul. So for thousands of years people have been torturing their bodies; that was the only way to become saintly. But now it is difficult to convince people that by torturing their bodies they will become holy. There seems to be no sense in it.

Man has been divided into man and woman. Half of humanity consists of women, and they have lived a life of slavery, torture, indignity. They are rebelling.

Man is rebelling against the past unconsciously. He is enraged by the whole human history. And he is so full of anger, violence, that any small thing brings it up, and it starts spreading like a wildfire.

Secondly, man is tremendously frustrated because the leaders of mankind in the past have been giving him hope, hope of a paradise beyond death. Not a single person has returned after death and given his eyewitness evidence that there is a paradise, that there is a God, that your acts will be judged - you will be thrown into eternal hell or into the eternal blissfulness of paradise.

Nobody has ever returned. Nobody knows anything about life after death, and people have been sacrificing their present for an unknown future. Now they cannot do it anymore, they have done enough. They want paradise here and now. The leaders cannot supply the goods that they have been promising them. Beyond death, of course, they are ready to give you anything you want, but people want it now. That creates a great hopelessness, frustration, meaninglessness.

People have not been taught the art of living beautifully, the art of being graceful, the art of being silent, meditative. Instead of teaching these authentic realities which can be done right now, their minds were taken away from the present to some unknown future - nobody knows whether it exists or not.

Now, because people become literate, educated, they can see the great deceit. They have been cheated, and a great anger is there. Not only their life but millions of lives for centuries have been exploited by these cheaters.

Religious priests have parasites sucking your blood. Now it is absolutely impossible for those religions to exist anymore. They should disappear gracefully, and allow a new way of life which is centered in the present, so that something can be done to the human psychology.

Man has immense capacity to love.

If his love is given freedom, he will never commit anything that goes against love.

Man has immense capacity to be compassionate.

He will not commit violence on any slight excuse.

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