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Chapter 21: Only If Love Allows

But you have an individuality - innocent, just the way you were born, utterly clean, a tabula rasa, nothing written on you, no name, nameless. You will go beyond death with that nameless, innocent individuality. That is your soul that never dies. It is eternal: it has always been here and it will always be here. It may take different forms - that means different personalities - until one day you become so fed up with personalities that before death drops them, you yourself drop them.

That’s what I call renunciation, sannyas: what death does, you do on your own accord. Before death, you drop all your personality, all your degrees, all your respectability, all your name, fame, everything, and you become an innocent child, reborn. Then you can have the taste of individuality here, why wait for death?

And this is one of the ways to defeat death, because then death won’t have anything to take away from you. You will die consciously - becausedeath has to make you unconscious to take things from you; otherwise you will cling to those things and you will not leave them.

Sannyas is a suicide, a suicide of the personality, and a rebirth, a rebirth of individuality. And the innocence and the freshness and the beauty of it is just beyond words. It is simply an ecstasy that goes on growing every day bigger and bigger. It knows no limits.