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Chapter 1: Hidden Mysteries of Eastern Temples

He felt that now he should tell the truth, and not lose the chance of going to heaven - now that he had died there was nothing to fear. But just at that moment he remembered the half-sentence he had heard Mahavira say. Mahavira had been talking about gods and ghosts. He had also mentioned the yamadoots, who take people to the worlds beyond death. The thief had heard him say that the toes of yamadoots are always inverted. Opening his eyes he saw that the feet of the people standing by him were normal, so he became alert. He now saw there was no need to confess. He saw through the trick and told them that he had not committed any sins.what could he confess? If they wanted they could take him to hell. But as he had not committed any sins, how could they? So they had to let him go.

Then he went running to Mahavira, fell at his feet, and asked him to complete the sentence which had saved him. When half of Mahavira’s sentence had saved him, of how much more benefit would be the whole sentence! He told Mahavira that he was totally surrendered to him.

Sometime or other he was bound to be caught and hanged, but if he heard the rest of the sentence he might still be saved. That is why Mahavira used to say that if even half the sentence of an awakened one is heard, it might be useful one day. Similarly, a man running past a temple, or just casually passing by, hearing the sound vibrations coming from a temple or smelling the fragrance of the place.even that can be of help to him.

Enough for today.