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Chapter 25: Yes Is the Heartbeat of Life

And people go on coming because they hear from others: “There is nothing like primal therapy. If you have not experienced primal therapy, your coming into existence is useless. You are here to do screaming.”

The question is that Janov says man accumulates negativity, and that negativity is a chemical phenomenon. It is out of man’s pain, misery, that certain chemicals start gathering in him which create the negative mind, which wants to destroy.

The miserable person always wants others to be miserable. The miserable person feels happy only when he sees somebody more miserable than himself. The miserable person becomes incapable of saying yes - to life, to love, to beauty, to poetry, to existence. He can only say no, he cannot say yes. Yes is impossible because in his life he has not felt anything for which he should be grateful.

Janov is saying that because it is a chemical reaction, the no.. The questioner is asking: if this is the situation, that the no inside us, the destructiveness is a chemical thing, then how can you expect sannyasins to say yes to existence, to love, to joy? It is something significant to understand.

I accept the idea that misery, pain, anxiety, anguish, create certain chemical changes in your body. Just as love, joy, blissfulness, ecstasy, silence, peace - they also create tremendously great chemical, physiological changes in your body and mind.

The question will be difficult for Janov to solve, because these therapists do not believe that there is anything beyond mind, that there is anything more than the body. You are confined in a prison of physiology, chemistry, biology and you cannot be free from them just by meditating.

But neither Janov nor the questioner understand that meditation is not an effort that your chemistry which is ready to say no, should say yes.

Meditation simply ignores mind. It bypasses mind; it reaches beyond mind, and once it is beyond mind it has a far superior power.

And in that space beyond mind, pain has never entered.

Bliss is simply the very atmosphere beyond the mind. Once a person has touched something beyond, he has a new power. He can say yes, although his body chemistry is saying no. The body is a servant. Just wake up your master, and the body is a servant, the mind is a servant. And once the master is there.and the master is never negative, that is beyond its nature.

It is intrinsic to your being to be creative.

You are coming from the universal creativity, you are born out of it.

You are part of it, you are still connected with it. You cannot live a single second without the connection.

Yes can be said, and the mind with all its chemistry will remain silent. Before the master, it has no power. All that power was derived from the master. But the master was asleep; now the master is awake and is not ready to give anything to destructiveness, to death.

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