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Chapter 22: Tomorrow Is in the Womb of Today

I have said that we should immediately order it. My people should start reading the real Bible! And order it immediately, because there is every possibility it will be prohibited. Never in the world has any book been so pornographic as this Bible.

And they are not doing anything which is not in the Bible - they are just making pictures of it. You can understand pictures better. Just reading the word rape is nothing, but when you see a series of rapes pictured, then you become suddenly aware - this is a holy Bible.

Religions never wanted man to be intelligent, never wanted man to be rich, never wanted man to rejoice, because people who are in suffering, poor, unintelligent - they are the clients of churches, synagogues, temples, mosques.

I have never gone to any religious place. Why should I go? If the religious place wants to have some taste of religion it should come to me. I am not going to Mecca, Mecca has to come to me! Otherwise I don’t care. I am not going to Jerusalem, I am not mad - just a little bit crazy, but not mad. And when we can create a place of joy and laughter and love here, what is there in Israel? We have created the new Israel.

Drop all ideas that have been imposed upon you about money.

Be respectful to it.

Create wealth, because only after creating wealth do many other dimensions open for you.

For the poor man all doors are closed.

I want my sannyasins to be as rich as possible, as comfortable as possible. This is the first commune in the whole history of man where every house is centrally air-conditioned. Never before has any commune happened with air-conditioning.

This is the only commune where, while I am talking to you, you can laugh, you can enjoy, you can dance, you can do anything - because your laughter connects you to me more than your sitting there sad, with a long face.

You cannot laugh in a church the way you are doing here. Just looking at Jesus Christ hanging on the cross all laughter will die.

In fact, for the first time we are giving religion its true color, its music, its dance, its love, its laughter.