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Chapter 44: The Spontaneous Source

Just now pope the Polack was in India. The Indian Christians, who are all basically Hindus, have been converted by another strategy - because now carrying a sword does not seem right and will not be supported by the majority of the world. It will look crude, primitive, ugly. Christianity has changed. It goes to hungry people, starving people, with bread in one hand and with the Holy Bible in the other. You cannot have only the bread. It offers you both - physical food and spiritual nourishment. If you want the bread you have to accept the Holy Bible.

And a dying person is not concerned at all whether God created the world, six thousand years ago, in six days or not; whether God is a trinity or not. A man dying through starvation needs the bread, but the bread comes with the Bible - on the margin he accepts the Bible too. So these Indian Christians are all purchased, exploited, because of their hunger and poverty.

They become Christian but they continue to live the same way, they continue to do the same things. So when the pope was there, the Indian Christians said that they want to burn incense in the church, just as it is burned in Hindu temples. And they want to have a bell hanging in front of the church, just as it is hanging before every Hindu temple. First you have to make the god aware that you are coming in. He may be asleep, just having a nap, so you ring the bell to wake up the poor old man. A bell is absolutely necessary. And incense.without incense a place does not look holy to a Hindu. The beautiful perfume of the incense makes the place a different place than from ordinary houses. The church looks like an ordinary house.

And the pope has agreed that the bell can be hung: “There is no harm in it. And the incense can be burned inside; there is no harm in it.”

Soon they will be saying that Jesus Christ on the cross does not look like the only begotten son of God. Krishna fits more, with a flute on his lips. Jesus symbolizes death; Krishna symbolizes rejoicing, dancing, life - the way he stands in a dancing pose, the way he is dressed, is exotic and beautiful. Jesus looks too sad, and naturally, if you smile or laugh on the cross, it will look contradictory - whether the cross is real or are you just playing a drama? When a man is dying and his hands and his feet are stuck with big, steel nails into the wood, you cannot expect him not to be sad.

But what I am trying to explain to you is that these Hindus are still Hindus; just the label is Christian. They still sing the same devotional songs; only in place of “Krishna” they have changed the name to “Christ” - which is not much of a change, because the people who understand linguistics say that Christ is a form of the same word: Krishna.

In Bengali, in India, there are many people who are named Christo. It is a form of Krishna.

If even in India a language can make Krishna change into Christo, then what is the problem? The word, moving far away to Judea, may have become Christ.

So to change Krishna to Christ is no change at all, and the person’s life remains the same. He still believes that the cow is the mother - although he is Christian and Christianity has no such belief. But the religion has been poured over him; it has not arisen from his spontaneity.

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