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Chapter 4: Man Means Mind

Whenever you are in love, you will not feel that you are a lover. You will feel you are love. That’s why Jesus says, “God is love.” He should have said, “God is very loving”; his language is not right. What do you mean by “God is love”? He is saying “God” and “love” are synonymous. In fact he is saying to say “God is love” is a tautology. It can be said that he is saying, “Love is love,” or “God is God.” Love is not an attribute of God; love is his very being. He is not loving he is simply love.

The same happens when one becomes enlightened. He is not conscious about enlightenment; he is simply conscious. He lives in consciousness, he sleeps in consciousness, he moves in consciousness, he lives, he dies in consciousness. Consciousness becomes an eternal source in him, a non-flickering flame, a non-wavering state of being. It is not an attribute, it is not accidental, it cannot be taken away. His whole being is conscious.

The second question:

I am usually in two minds - sun and moon. Please comment.

Mind usually is in two minds, that’s how mind functions. You will have to understand the whole mechanism of the mind, how it functions.

The functioning of the mind is to divide; if you don’t divide, the mind disappears. The mind needs division. The mind creates opposites: the mind says, “I like you; I don’t like you. I love you; I hate you.” The mind says, “This is beautiful; that is ugly.” The mind says, “This has to be done; that has to be dropped.” The mind is choice; hence Krishnamurti’s insistence that if you become choiceless you will become no-mind. To become choiceless means to drop dividing the world.

Just think. If man disappears from the earth, will there be anything beautiful? Will there be anything ugly? Will there be anything good, anything bad? All divisions will simply evaporate with humanity. The world will remain the same. The flowers will flower, the stars will move, the sun will rise - everything will continue the same. But division will disappear with man; man brings division into the world. Man means mind.

That’s the whole meaning of the Biblical story. God told Adam not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It would be better if we can translate the “tree of knowledge” as “tree of mind.” The whole story will become Zen. And that is exactly the meaning. The tree of knowledge is the tree of mind; otherwise why should God want his children to be ignorant? No, he wanted them to live without mind; he wanted them to live without division, to live in unity, in unison. That’s the meaning of the Biblical story. If a Zen master is to comment on it, or if I am to comment on it, I will say, “Better to say the ‘tree of mind.’” Then the whole thing becomes very clear.

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