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Chapter 25: Nobody Is Planning except Man

Mind takes you away from reality every moment. Except mind you don’t have any other problem, neither sin nor past lives’ evil acts; nor has God written your destiny on your forehead or in the lines of your hand or in the constellation of the stars. Your whole problem is very simple if you understand: it is your mind constantly taking you away from existence.

When I say, be spontaneous, I simply mean one thing, always one thing: don’t be a mind! Because mind can never be spontaneous. Mind is a mechanism of postponing. It will never allow you to live!

I have heard about a man who realized that he was alive only when he was dead. Then suddenly he realized, “My God, seventy years I was alive, but I never lived.” And what can you do in your grave? You cannot even turn this side or that, they don’t leave much space in the grave. You lie down flat for eternity.

My suggestion is in your grave you can plan. You will have enough time and you can plan dreams as weird as you want. Right now while you are alive, live; when you are dead there is no problem - you can allow the mind to plan. In fact it will be a good companion in the grave: being so alone, the mind chattering will keep you entertained.

But while you are alive the mind has to be stopped from functioning on its own accord, stopped unless you want to use it. It has to be reduced to a servant. It has become the master. Spontaneity will bring it to its reality. It is just a mechanism. It was not meant to be your master. Your consciousness is your master.

But although people learning yoga stand on their heads, it was never meant by existence for you to stand on your head; otherwise it would have given you legs on your head like two horns, or it might have made you a tripod - three legs, perfectly balanced - or legs with wheels, so you can go on moving on your head.

Existence certainly means you to be on your legs, not on your head, but man is strange. Mind was given to you to be used as a servant. And as a servant it is beautiful and great. It is a biocomputer and nothing else. But you have made it your master. And the master has been reduced to a dormant state. When the servants become masters, the most dangerous thing is that first they destroy the master.

It happened in a Mohammedan king’s life.He used to love his cook’s food very much; he had one of the best cooks. And one day the cook - because they had become very friendly - was serving him food and chit-chatting. He said, “Sometimes I wonder how it must feel to be a king.”

The king just jokingly said, “Do you want to become a king? I can make you one for twenty-four hours.”

He said, “It will be a great joy. I have always been wondering how it feels to be the king of a great kingdom.”

So the king made the cook a king for twenty-four hours. And the first thing he did: he ordered the crucifixion of the king. For twenty-four hours he was the king, so the king was crucified. And the cook proved a real crook. He then remained forever the master.

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