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Chapter 24: Go to Your Bathroom Dancing

In fact, only after enlightenment can you love. Before that you were just animals, camels. Have you seen two animals making love? Watch carefully - you will be surprised. They both look so sad, so depressed. A clear perception is there that they are feeling the bondage of biology, they are feeling the slavery of biology. Animals don’t enjoy making love. They have to do it; it is something that they cannot avoid - they are not conscious enough. When the season comes, they have to mate.

Man, even though unenlightened, has changed one thing: there is no season for mating for him, the whole year he is free to love. A certain freedom has come to humanity which is not available to the animals.

It is very strange to see animals: for one month or two months they become attracted to each other and then for ten months they are celibate; for ten months they remain enlightened! Just for two months those poor guys, under the impact of biological forces, have to make love. It is almost as if somebody is holding a gun behind you and telling you to make love. The biological gun is not visible, but it is very powerful. How can you enjoy? How can you be blissful?

No animal is happy making love. Only man has risen a little higher, and that height has made him capable of being freed from one thing: the biological period of mating. But still, it is biology that goes on forcing him to make love all the year round.

In the East, people make love only in the night. In the West, they have a little more intelligence, they make love early in the morning - of course they also make love in the night. The western mind has grown a little more towards freedom. Why make love in darkness? The reason was always because making love was a kind of enforcement, and the faces of the lovers looked distorted. It was better not to see the faces of each other. Not to spoil the game, the darkness was good. Under the blanket of darkness they could manage to believe that everything was going right.

It needed a little more intelligence to ask why you should remain bounded by the night. Animals are bounded by a certain period in the year. Man’s intelligence freed him for the whole year.

In the East they are bound to make love in the night, silently - nobody should know about it. In the West, intelligence has grown a little better. Why in the night only? In fact, a man who is tired after the whole day’s work, worries, tensions, anxieties - what kind of love is he going to make? His love is more or less like a sleeping pill. It gives him good sleep, it gives him relaxation. The whole day he was so burdened that his heart was not functioning normally. Making love, he loses energy; the heart starts cooling down, calming down.

Now it is a medically-established fact that people who make love never have heart attacks. The longer in their life they go on making love, the more powerful, relaxed their heart remains. Have you heard, in the millions of years of the past, that anybody has died while he was making love?

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