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Chapter 24: Not Virtue, but Awareness

But here with me you have to learn something. The first thing is a deep acceptability of all the changes that nature brings to you. Youth has its own beauty; old age has its own beauty too. It may not be sexual, but if a man has lived silently, peacefully, meditatively, then old age will have a grandeur of its own.

Just as the snow-covered peaks look beautiful, the white hairs of old age also have their own beauty - and not only beauty, but wisdom too, which no young man can claim, because all his behavior is stupid. He is running behind this woman, running behind that woman.

The old man has stopped all this running business. He has settled in himself. He is no longer dependent on anybody else. The old woman should follow the same way. There should be no difference between men and women.

That is why I was simply laughing and joking about Shunyo’s question because I did not want her to become serious about something which is natural. And if Milarepa feels angry, he simply proves what I have been saying, that he is crazy.

Now he is running after younger women. This shows that you are not maturing, not learning that what you call love is not love, but biological slavery. Love happens only when you are beyond biological slavery; then love has a beauty. Biological slavery and the biological relationship are so ugly that for centuries people have decided to make love in darkness without light, so they don’t see what they are doing.

Particularly the woman is very sensitive when you make love to her; she immediately closes her eyes. Just to see this nasty thing that is happening.

I have heard that when Henry Ford died he was received with a great welcome in heaven and even God thanked him: “You have done great service to humanity by creating so many cars - you are a great creator.”

Henry Ford said, “That’s okay, but you are not that great a creator. You have put man’s body in such a stupid way that the loveliest part people think about, dream about is so close to the dirtiest part. Could you not find somewhere else in the whole body?

“Why has love to be sandwiched between the ugliest parts? You don’t have any sense, no aesthetics. The exhaust pipe is so close to the most lovely part that I cannot believe that you are a great creator” - and he was right.

God has committed many mistakes. This is one of the major mistakes. The loving part could have been anywhere else: you have a six-foot-long-body, so much territory! And what kind of a stupid god.where he puts the loving parts?

Not only is it to be accepted when life is going through a biological change, but it has to be rejoiced that you have passed over all that stupidity, that now you are free from biological bondage; it is only a question of conditioning.

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