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Chapter 18: Witnessing

So as far as objects are concerned, you can divide the way into three steps: the body, the mind, the heart. The fourth happens on its own accord. Nobody can do it. If you can fulfill three steps totally and completely, suddenly there is a quantum leap. You find yourself at the very center of your being. The seer is there, but there is nothing to see. The awareness is there, but there is nothing to be aware of when awareness has nothing to be aware of, it turn upon itself. It becomes its own object. And this is what we call realization. You have known thousands of things; for the first time, you know your knowing. You have been conscious of many things; for the first time you become conscious of consciousness itself You have arrived home.

So remember, whenever I say that it is indivisible, I mean witnessing. Whenever I say that people can be more advanced, less advanced, I mean that their objects of witnessing can be gross, can be subtle, can be very subtle - or, there may be nothing as an object. That is the moment of revolution; and that is the only revolution there is. It opens the doors of all the mysteries of existence. It allows you to feel deathlessness, eternity. It gives you the taste of pure existence. Yes, it is a taste - that’s why there is no way to say it, no way to explain it - one can only experience.

Your emphasis has always been that every human being has the birthright to become enlightened, that it is nothing special. However, not many people claim this birthright, or are even interested in it. Why not? Is there some ingredient, some quality which makes some people more interested in the inquiry than others?

Just because it is the very birthright of every human being, it prevents people. It gives no challenge. The ego has no interest in it. It is your birthright. It is not something that the ego can brag of It would like to go to the moon, which is not your birthright. Howsoever silly it will be, it would like to go to Everest. That is not your birthright, but the ego gets interested only in things which make you superior, higher, special, famous, celebrities.

The ego is not interested in something which you are carrying with you from your very birth. It is interested in extraordinary things. The more difficult the job, the more the ego becomes interested in it. And enlightenment is the easiest thing in existence, the most natural. Hence, ego has no interest in it.

This is how the problem arises. The moment a child is born, nobody is interested in the child’s nature, his potential, his possibilities of growth. Nobody is interested in the child’s birthright. Everybody is interested in making the child something very special - an Alexander the Great, a Beethoven, a Picasso, an Albert Einstein, a Mao Zedong - somebody who is going to be in history. Your mother, your father, your teachers, your priests, everybody is helping you to move away from yourself as much as possible. And this distance is the strength of your ego. The farther you are from yourself, the bigger is your ego.

I remember.I was in a very beautiful place, Ajanta. The whole mountain has been cut out; it must have taken thousands of years, perhaps, and thousands of artists, sculptors. These caves are Buddhist, so Buddhists must have done that.

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