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Chapter 28: The Disappearance of Sex

These are the most irreligious people in the world. That’s why I’m so much against politicians. I am against the priests and the politicians because these two are the most irreligious people in the world. And they have a deep conspiracy, they support each other - for centuries they have been supporting each other. One has political power, the other has the power of numbers. And both together can manage to keep the whole of mankind in slavery; they have kept it up to now. The authentic religious man has to rebel against these two, and their conspiracy against humanity.

If you can remember as much as possible this state of gratitude, slowly slowly it will penetrate into your blood, into your bones, into your marrow. Then there will be no need to remember; then it will simply be there - like breathing, like heartbeats. Then you can be certain that you have arrived home. Now there is nowhere to go; you have achieved the unachievable, you have found the ultimate secret of life. Now you are not just a part of existence, but the whole of it.

The day one understands that “I am spread all over the existence, and when trees dance I am dancing, and when the wind blows and sings songs amongst the trees it is my song, and when the ocean rolls in the full-moon night I am not separate from it.” This is the moment mystics have been calling: when the observer becomes the observed, when the knower becomes the known, when the seer becomes the seen, when the duality between subject and object disappears, when you are the world.

The Upanishads say: aham brahmasmi - I am the whole. This is not a declaration of ego, it is a declaration of absolute egolessness. This is the path - the pathless path; or the gate - the gateless gate. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to move even a single inch. You can relax right now and it is yours. It has always been yours, you have just been asleep.

Awake and claim your birthright. Religion is not anybody’s monopoly, it is everybody’s birthright. It has no name, no church, no organization. It is a sheer rebellion against all churches, all organizations, all scriptures. It is meeting existence directly and immediately, in innocence, in gratitude, in love, in a deep communion.

This is the prayer I would like to spread all over the earth. Because this is the only prayer that can save it.