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Chapter 20: Crime: A Crowd Psychology

He says, when you commit a crime against other people you are also committing a crime against yourself. The reality is, before committing a crime against others you have already committed a crime against yourself. Unless you have committed a crime against yourself, it is impossible to commit a crime against others.

This proves my hypothesis that he is looking at the reflection. How can you be full of hate toward others if you are not full of hate toward yourself? And how can you be loving to others if you are not loving to yourself? You come first - and you do to other people the same that you are doing to yourself. So the reality is almost vice-versa.

In aloneness is born your freedom, your independence. In aloneness your consciousness has nothing else to be busy with. Left alone, it starts turning upon itself; there is nowhere else to go. And when consciousness becomes a circle, coming back to the source from where it started, your life is no longer the old, unconscious life - because the returning consciousness goes on dispelling all darkness from every nook and corner of your being. And when you are full of light you have tasted godliness for the first time.

In aloneness, nobody commits a crime - one cannot commit a crime.

And for that wrong committed must you knock and wait a while unheeded at the gate of the blessed.

There is no need to wait at the gate of the blessed, because in your aloneness you have become the blessed. That is the meaning of the Sanskrit word bhagwan, “the blessed one.”

But even people like Jesus are unaware of what they are saying and what they are doing. His whole life he was telling people, “You are sheep and I am your shepherd.” This is humiliation! To call a human being a sheep means you have taken all his dignity, you have destroyed his freedom, you have made him part of a mob.

And all the religions have done it, whether they say it or not, for a simple reason: unless people are sheep, how are they going to be shepherds? The priests, the theologians, the politicians, all need you to remain sheep - just a crowd. Every effort is being made to destroy your individuality and to destroy your aloneness, because if you are alone you will be a lion. And lions don’t need shepherds.

Yes, once in a while, for breakfast.

My effort with you is to bring you out of this constant conditioning that you are part of a crowd. No, you are just yourself. And you are not sheep, you are lions!

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