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Chapter 29: History Repeats Itself, Unfortunately

There is no dust in heaven, obviously. If you have lived in India you will know - in heaven, if there there is also dust, then what is the point of the religion and all the practices and all the prayers? No perspiration.. You can see the psychological strategy. In India everybody is perspiring the whole day, it is so hot. They have to compensated there, they have suffered enough here. So their heaven has to be just the opposite of here.

Poor people, poor countries, have a very bogus religion. It is not religion, it is a psychological compensation. It is selling dreams to hungry people, just trying to convince them: Don’t be worried; blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Jesus gives no argument why the poor are blessed. It is strange that nobody ever asked this man, “What

qualifications does poverty fulfill? It must be fulfilling some qualifications. As we see it, it is just the opposite: cursed are the poor. Who says blessed are the poor? They are condemned and cursed - these are actual facts. To cover it up, just the opposite is proposed: blessed are the poor.”

Why did nobody ask the simple question, “What are the reasons that you call the poor blessed? - because we see all the blessings are with the people who are rich.” And Jesus says that “even a camel can pass through the eye of a needle but a rich man cannot enter into the kingdom of my God.” Naturally, the rich people were very few, and they were not even bothered about this carpenter’s son - uneducated, illiterate. Jesus was trying to convince the ninety-nine percent of the people, who were poor.

It was worth sacrificing the one percent. To make his statement “blessed are the poor,” he has also to make another statement, “cursed are the rich.” What greater curse can there be than not to be able to enter into the kingdom of God? What more punishment can there be? They will be falling into hell for eternity.

At least Eastern religions have some arithmetic; Christianity has none. Eastern religions have some logic; Christianity has none. Eastern religions believe that you have thousands of lives. Naturally, when you live millions of years you can commit an immense number of sins. But still the Eastern hell is not eternal. They say you will suffer in hell to the degree that you have committed sins. Once your sins have been punished and your punishment is equal to your sins, you will be released.

In Christianity there is only one life; seventy years, eighty years, ninety years, a hundred years. In a hundred years’ time how can you commit so many sins that the punishment will be eternal? Do you see that Christianity lacks all arithmetic?

But Jesus was not interested in, nor was he capable of giving, a logical, rational explanation. He was exploiting people through their emotions, their sentiments.

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