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Chapter 10: The Zorba-Buddha Synthesis

Belief is of the mind. This so-called yes-saying is of the mind. I teach you another kind of yes which is not afraid of no, another kind of trust which is not afraid of skepticism; which on the contrary, uses skepticism as a jumping board, which uses doubt as a process of cleansing.

Truth is to be trusted - to trust is an act of faith; but any statement of truth is to be tested too - to test it is an act of doubt. Faith and doubt both serve truth - this is what I teach you. Faith and doubt are two wings of the bird called trust; if you cut off one wing, the bird cannot fly. Yes and no are two wings; use them, and use them in their totality. Never be insincere, not even in the name of God.

Sincerity is far more valuable than any dogma, than any Christianity, Hinduism, Islam. Sincerity is the foundation. But to be sincere means you have to give expression to all that is within you. Sometimes it is yes and sometimes it is no, and you have to accept both.

So, it is something beautiful that is happening, don’t be worried. I am not trying to force any yes on you. I am simply helping you to go through the whole process of both yes and no, so that one day you become aware that they are not enemies - not opposites, but complementaries.

Man is a question mark.and it is a blessing - celebrate it. It is a blessing because only man is a question mark; no dog is, no tree is. The rose bush is beautiful but not as beautiful as man, and the moon is beautiful but not as beautiful as man - because they are all unconscious. Only man is consciously on a quest. And how can you be on a quest if you don’t have a question mark in your being?

God sends you with a question mark in your being. Celebrate it - it is a great responsibility, a great heritage. Ask questions, inquire, doubt. And don’t be worried, because I know that if you doubt long enough you will arrive at trust. And that arrival is incredible, because then you have arrived on your own, it is your own experience. It is no longer belief, it is knowing.

Sri Aurobindo was asked by a philosopher, “Do you believe in God?” and he said, “No.” The philosopher was for a moment shocked. He had come a long way, believing that this man had come to know God, and this man says, “I don’t believe in God.” For a moment he could not gather courage to ask anything else. Shocked, he was dumb.

Then he said, “But I thought that you had seen God.”

Sri Aurobindo laughed and said, “Yes, I have seen, that’s why I say I don’t believe. Belief is out of ignorance. I know! I don’t believe.”

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