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Chapter 6: Receiving Your Soul

The first question

Having managed to make it here for the meditation camp, why do I notice some discrimination? Does becoming a sannyasin immediately do away with the gap? Is your blessing only for sannyasins? Isn’t it for all living beings?

The blessing is for everyone, but it is not that you will receive it just by my giving it. You will receive it only if you take it. The river is flowing, and it flows for everyone. The trees will drink its water, the birds and the animals will drink its water, and so will human beings, but whosoever drinks it has to want to drink it. If you stand on the bank, stiff and arrogant, the river will not jump into your hands. You will have to bend down and fill your cupped hands with water in order to drink. Don’t complain about the river if you aren’t drinking the water. The river is always flowing.

But man is upside down. If he does not receive the blessing, he thinks that perhaps the blessing has not been given. But is he capable of receiving the blessing? Will he accept the blessing? A blessing is not a cheap matter. You might think that it is cheap, that it is to be had for free. But a blessing is a fire - it will burn you, it will change and transform you. Courage is needed.

What else can sannyas mean? It simply means that someone has bent down, made a cup with his hands and agreed to enter into a relationship with the river. Sannyas only means that you have shown the willingness to receive the blessing, that you have held out your vessel, that you have held out your receptacle. Blessings are continuously showering, but if you don’t hold out your vessel to catch them, you will never receive any.

It rains. It rains on the mountains as well, but the mountains remain unfilled - they are already so full of themselves. When it rains on the mountains, the water runs towards the hollows and the ravines; it runs, filling them completely and forming lakes. Would you say that the rain was falling only for the sake of the lakes and not for the mountains? It was raining on everything, but the mountains were too full of themselves, there was no room for water. The lakes were empty, there was room there. They eagerly opened themselves to the rain and the water poured in.

This blessing rains continuously - on you, on the sannyasins, on these trees. But who receives it and how much they will receive, depends entirely on the individual.

This is all sannyas means - nothing else. It means that you are ready to go along with me.

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