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Chapter 9: One Boat Is Enough

You can enjoy all those women for eternity, just because you renounce a poor wife who will be starving because she was not educated by your society, she was not given financial freedom by your society. And before renouncing her, you have given her at least one dozen children to take care of. So she will be begging, or she may have to become a prostitute just to raise the children that you have left as a legacy.

And you are being rewarded in the other world.? You should be punished! You should be thrown into hell if there is any. You have committed a crime against humanity, but these crimes are being rewarded.

This division is very dangerous, and even if you have renounced the wife and escaped deep into the Himalayas - it is not so easy to renounce women, because the woman is within you, in your mind.

The woman outside was not so important. The real desire for women is hidden within you - it is a center in your mind. What will you do sitting in the Himalayan cave? Do you think you will encounter God.you will have enlightenment?

Most likely you will dream of women, good food, comfortable clothes.small things which you had never thought of before.

I have heard.

One American billionaire became fed up because he had everything that money could buy, and naturally, he wanted some more excitement. He had achieved everything and there was nothing else in this world, so he started thinking of the other world.

The other world is created by these fed up people whose ambition has come to an end. They have everything - now what to do? They are bored. They need some new desire, some new journey, some new adventure, but this world is finished for them. Your priest opened the door of a dreamland - the other world.

So the American billionaire came to the East in search of the right way to the other world. It was a long journey, and finally he came to the Himalayas. People said, “You will not return empty-handed. Here lives a great ancient seer, far away in the mountains. Very rarely have people been able to find him. If you are fortunate enough to find him just touch his feet, ask for his blessing.his blessing is enough.”

The man was so desperately in search, he found the old man, and he clung to his feet.

The old man said, “Not so hard, because I am too old. And first things first, have you got an American cigarette on you? I have been thinking about it for almost thirty years, since I left the marketplace.”

The American immediately pulled out a packet and gave it to the saint.

The saint said, “Now, my son, you can go back with all my blessings. And whenever this urge for the other world comes to you, come again, but bring as many cigarettes as possible.”

The billionaire was very much shocked: “This is not spirituality! The man is asking for cigarettes.”

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