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Chapter 11: One in the Many

One of my friends was contesting an election, a political election, so he came to me for blessing. I said, “I will not give the blessing because I am not your enemy, I am a friend. I can only bless that you may not get elected, because that will be the first step towards madness.” But he wouldn’t listen to me. He was elected, he became a member. Next year he came again for my blessing and he said, “Now I am trying to be a deputy minister.”

I asked him, “You were saying that if you could become a member of parliament you would be very happy, but I don’t see that you are happy. You are more depressed and more sad than you ever were before.”

He said, “Now this is the only problem: I am worried. There is much competition. Only if I can become a deputy minister will everything be okay.”

He became a deputy minister. When I was passing through the capital he came to see me again and he said, “I think you were right, because now the problem is how to become the minister. And I think this is the goal. I am not going to change it. Once I become the minister it is finished.”

He has become the minister now, and he came to me a few days ago and he said, “Just one blessing more. I must become chief minister.” And he is getting more and more worried, more and more puzzled, because more problems have to be faced, more competition, more ugly politics. And he is a good man, not a bad man.

I told him, “Unless you become the suprememost God you are not going to be satisfied.” But he cannot look back and cannot understand the logic of the mind, the logic of the achieving mind. It can never be satisfied, the way it behaves creates more and more discontent. The more you have the more discontent you will feel, because more arenas become open for you in which to compete, to achieve. A poor man is more satisfied because he cannot think that he can achieve much. Once he starts achieving something he thinks more is possible. The more you achieve the more becomes possible, and it goes on and on forever.

A meditator needs a nonachieving mind, but a nonachieving mind is possible only if you can be content with purposelessness. Just try to understand the whole cosmic play and be a part in it. Don’t be serious, because a play can never be serious. And even if the play needs you to be serious, be playfully serious, don’t be really serious. Then this very moment becomes rich. Then this very moment you can move into the ultimate.

The ultimate is not in the future, it is the present, hidden here and now. So don’t ask about purpose - there is none, and I say it is beautiful that there is none. If there was purpose then your God would be just a managing director or a big business man, an industrialist, or something like that.

Jesus says.. Somebody asked him, “Who will be able to enter into the kingdom of your God?”

Jesus said, “Those who are like small children.” This is the secret. What is the meaning of being a small child? The meaning is that the child is never businesslike, he is always playful.

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