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Chapter 29: Come a Little Closer

I would have laughed at the whole thing, but he would hit his head.too serious. As death was coming closer he was becoming more and more serious, knowing now that his life had been a failure. He worked hard, immensely hard. His approach was very clean and very clear. His way of working was very logical, very intellectual, absolutely contemporary: an impeccable life of worth - he was a perfectionist.

But in the end the hands are empty. As far as results are concerned, nothing has happened, as if he had not been here. The world goes on.the old routine, the old rut. Do you see anything that has changed because J. Krishnamurti was born, and lived for ninety years? Has it made even a scratch? Naturally he died in the same state.

And this has been the case with thousands of masters, because humanity remains unevolving, and they are all seriously wanting man to evolve. Naturally they fail.

But I cannot fail, because I am not concerned at all whether humanity evolves or not, whether the new man is born or not. I enjoy these ideas and I enjoy communicating them to people, and there I am perfectly victorious. I don’t need to wait to be victorious until you have changed; that will be your victory. My victory is that I have been able to communicate what I wanted to communicate. Now what you do with it is your freedom.

I will not call it betrayal, and I will not call it opposition, and I will not call your things lies. If you are enjoying doing these things it is perfectly good - enjoyment is good. If somebody is creating lies about me and is feeling perfectly happy about it, why should he be stopped? He has all my blessings.

In India it happened, one man wrote a book against me and he sent me the proof copy. I looked into it - it was all rubbish, lies, fictitious stories with no evidence. Still, I sent him my blessings and told him to print it on the first page of the book. He could not believe it; he was so disturbed: what kind of man is this?

He lived in Baroda, a thousand miles away from me, but he came to see me - he had never seen me. He was just collecting third-rate yellow newspapers and cuttings and gossips, rumors.and he managed to make a book. And he asked me “Have you seen inside or have you simply sent blessings?”

I said, “I have gone through it word for word; it is all bullshit, but you have done so much work collecting bullshit, you need blessings.”

He said, “But this looks strange - with your blessings. I know this book: even while I was collecting and writing.. My purpose is to earn money - this book is going to become a bestseller - but now seeing you and your response, I feel perhaps I should not have done this.”

I said, “No, you continue. Let this book go into the market. Collect more, because while I am alive more and more lies will be there, more and more gossips, rumors - you can always earn money; this is a good way. It is not doing any harm to me. And the picture you have chosen for the cover is really beautiful.”

He said, “My God! I was thinking you would be angry, ferocious.”

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